Alsatian Baeckeoffe

We cannot speak of Alsatian culinary traditions without mentioning the famous "baeckeoffe", an assortment of meats, potatoes and vegetables moistened with white wine, preferably riesling.

In Alsatian baeckeoffe means "baker's oven". These ovens were essential for housewives. An assortment of lamb, beef, pork and vegetables was marinated (24 hours), then simmered for more than 4 hours in a clay pot called “terrine”, with spices, and white wine from the Alsace vineyard .

The Baeckeoffe was served on the laundry day and baked in the morning in the baker's oven.

It is also credited with its origins in a high Rhineland monastery where the monks who were too busy with Sunday masses would have found this trick of long cooking in order to have a good lunch.

To this day baeckeoffe is one of the most emblematic dishes of Alsatian culture.

The Daubiere

A daubière is a clay pot used for cooking on an open fire place using the low heat of the embers.

It has been used for many centuries in France.

Originally, it was used to prepare different stews, and traditional dishes from the French Provence region.

Ingredients for 8 to10 servings:

1kg pork belly, 1kg beef, 1kg lamb, 1 pork trotter, 1 big red onion, 4 shallots, 8 garlic cloves, 2 leeks, 2kg potatoes, 800gr carrots, 200gr fresh celery leaves, 3 sprigs rosemary, 1 bunch of thyme, 2 bottles Riesling white wine, 4 bay leaves, 1 tbsp allspice berries, 1 tbsp black peppercorns, 1 tbsp juniper berries, 1 ½ tbsp coarse sea salt,

Watch the video for cooking instructions:

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