Angel hair chilli

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Heat; 5/10

Around about 30.0000 on the Scoville scale

This is an extraordinary original chilli! Its fine hair like shape is unparalleled in the world of chillies and gives it its name.

Its light and airy appearance makes it looks like a sweet pepper, but it's a pretty hot chilli. It is a bit stronger than an Espelette pepper but less than a bird chilli. It’s a chilli pepper from China, specifically from the Tianjin region of north-eastern China, near the shores of the Yellow Sea on the outskirts of Beijing. They are produced by finely shredding then drying whole long chillies, these angel hair chillies are an amazing addition in your cooking adventures.

How to use hair angel chilli? The angel hair chilli is spicy but also very fragrant and above all, its flavor is of great finesse. It can be considered as an exceptional pepper. These extremely thin threads of sun-dried red chilli make an eye-catching garnish for countless dishes. With a mild heat and fruity, full flavour, these threads add depth to soups, salads, starters, eggs or as a garnish on anything that deserves a little extra colour and spice. To further increase the depth of flavour, lightly toast them in a pan for few moments.

They can be used in three ways.

Firstly, gently toasting them for a 30 seconds (they burn very easily) brings out their distinctive flavour. They can then be added to your dish, and they will give it a beautiful colour as well as their taste. If rehydrated in a little hot water they feather up nicely, and when used like this they work very well in broths, soups and especially paellas or risottos. Finally they can be used as they are, and they steal the show when used as a garnish to all sorts of dishes.

Keep in room temperature and in a dry place.

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