Chianti Braised Beef Ribs

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The expression of sincere Mediterranean flavors using cheap cuts of beef. This recipe invites the sun shine on your table!

I personally love beef ribs, there are so many recipes you can do with this savory part of the beef.

The bones and the fats are a great source of flavors but you can use a less fattier part of beef for this recipe if you like.

I’m also a great pasta lover, that’s why I gave this recipe a little Italian twist.

C’mon and let’s get the kitchen dirty again!

Ingredients4 to 5 persons;

1.5kg beef (lower rib or other cheap cuts), 2 cans peeled tomatoes (2x 725gr), 1 leek, 1 onion, 8 cloves of garlic, 2 sticks of celery, 2 bell peppers, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bottle of Chianti, ½ bunch of thyme, 4 to 5 bay leaves, 1 ½ tbsp sea salt, 1 tbsp black peppercorns, 1 ½ tbsp of oregano, 1 ½ tbsp of sage, 1 dried Chili, Parmigiano cheese.

Where going to use mostly fresh vegetables for this recipe, not much spices to add but some good herbs to rock the palate.

"Clean your vegetables with cold water".

I decided to take spaghetti pasta with the ribs so I’m going to cut the veggies in to thin slices (mixes well with spaghetti), but if you prefer to use another pasta you may chose to cut the veggies differently (little chunks with macaroni for example).

Chop the stems of the parsley finely (preserve the leaves for the plating) and squeeze the tomatoes with your hands grossly.

I’m using my old cassole (clay pot) for this recipe, but you can use any oven plate you like.

Put the thyme, chilli, bay leaves and peppercorns on the bottom of the oven plate and add half of the salt.

Place the ribs on top and add the veggies, tomatoes, oregano, sage and the rest of the salt.

Pour the Chianti in to the pot and cover with aluminium foil.

Put the pot in a cold oven and set the temperature on 180°C for the first hour, than lower the heat to 160°C for another 2 hours of cooking.

Now take of the aluminium foil, set the temperature to 190°C and it’s a go for another 1 ½ hour of cooking.

Check out once and a while if there is still enough sauce in the plate (add some water or wine if necessary).

Adjust the sauce with salt and pepper before serving.

"Don’t forget to cook your pasta near the end"

Serve with the chopped parsley leaves, a nice glass of Italian wine and some good old Parmigiano cheese.

All there’s left to say my dear gourmet friends; Bon Appetite and see you back soon for another cooking adventure!


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