Diavolicchio Diamante

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Heat; 5/10

Around about 30.0000 on the Scoville scale

This chilli was known as "cangarillo" or "chilli pepper".

Now it is called "Diavolicchio Diamante".

We are talking about one of the most widespread varieties of chilli grown on the coast of the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, on display during the summer, in the form of braids, in all fruit and vegetable shops, in delicatessen stores and in restaurants.

The initiative to "baptize" it with this new name is from the Accademia del peperoncino which is collaborating with the Research Center in Agriculture and the Ministry of Agricultural Policies for the mapping and cataloguing of peppers grown in Italy.

It belongs to the species of the Capsicum annuum.

The fruits, with an elongated shape, reach the length of 6-8 cm with the pointed apex and sometimes curved. Initially green, they always turn red when fully ripe.

Beautiful deep fruity flavors and a good spicy Cayenne, these peppers will go well with classic Italian dishes, with a medium heat and a pleasant flavor these chillies are also very nice to season a good olive oil. Use just like any other pepper, if you simmer a sauce slice it or use it all and let the flavors grow together to achieve a culinary miracle.

To the generic name of Diavolicchio, which in Calabria stands for chilli pepper, they add the name of Diamante, the town in the middle of the coast of the Tyrrhenian coast, famous for the Accademia and Peperoncino Festival.

Just during this event, they are always used for the traditional competition of chilli eaters.

It is a widespread ecotype in the vegetable gardens, enhanced by the Accademia del peperoncino as part of the Biodiversity Calabria project.

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