Duck Fillet with Miso Sudachi Crust

It's the combination of quality ingredients with extraordinary flavors that makes this dish an exclusive discovery!

I always like to experiment with flavors and Japan is one of those countries that produces extraordinary condiments.

Sudachi (citrus sudachi) is another iconic citrus fruit from Japan. Its production, around 5,000 tonnes, is 98% concentrated on Shikoku Island, more precisely within Tokushima Prefecture.

The Japanese harvest the still green sudachi because they appreciate its incisive acidity. The harvest period is short, from late August to early September and mid-October.

The fruit is quite small, 30 to 55 mm in diameter, and has many seeds. The fruits are seeded by hand then minced and cooked gently, in reduced quantity, in a cauldron.

It is important to keep the fruit fresh and not to caramelize the juice.

Many cooks use it to accompany smoked salmon, foie gras, shellfish and crustaceans, white fish, duck breast and other red meats.

Pastry chefs and chocolate makers are also using this outstanding fruit.

Combined with the white miso it gives the duck filet a nice sweet citrus and salty kick.

Ingredients for two persons:

2 duck fillets, 100gr white miso, 50gr sudachi puree, ½ tsp green szechuan peppercorns, 100gr dried forest mudrooms, a few sprigs of thyme, a pinch of sea salt.

Watch the video for further cooking instructions.

Bon Appetite!


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