Harissa, a Six Chillies Special Blend.

This is a chilli blend Harissa using a variety of chillies from different countries that I choose not just for the heat but even more for their extraordinary flavors.

This medium hot Harissa is ideal to add on toasts, bruschetta and tapas.

It’s the perfect companion for your BBQ parties and any meal that likes a little kick.

The harissa is a puree of red peppers from Tunisia. The peppers are dried in the sun and then ground with spices, cumin, coriander and caraway, not to mention the dried tomatoes. However, harissa is also prepared with fresh peppers or steamed and mixed peppers.

Ingredients for 600ml harissa:

5 Anaheim chillies, 10 cascabel chillies, 15 chile de Arbor, 10 Sichuan chillies, 15 Diavolicchio diamante Calabrese, 15 perle rosse di Calabria, 15 sun-dried tomatoes in oil, 1 tsp caraway, ½ tsp cumin, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp salt, Olive oil

I’m using only dried ingredients so I can preserve the harissa simply on a shelf for more than a month.

First of all where going to seed the chillies (some seeds can be bitter), to have a smooth paste in the end.

Now we are going to rehydrate them a little and you can do this in two different ways.

You can soak the chillies in warm water or steam them for 30 minutes.

I prefer to steam them so I won’t be losing some of their precious flavors in the water

The easiest way is to use a rice steamer, if you have one.

Once they are steamed, let them cool down.

Grind the caraway and cumin in to powder and strain the sun-dried tomatoes (reserve the oil).

Use a food processor or food grinder (a blender is not the best option) and grind all the ingredients to a rough paste, then add slowly the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes.

Use some olive oil if your paste is not smooth enough.

And you’re done!

The paste needs to rest for a day to produce more flavors.

You’ll find the oil floating on top of your harissa, that’s not a problem; just mix it a little before using.

And by the way the oil on top gives the harissa a better conservation.

I couldn’t wait and I gave it a taste test on some toasted bread with sardines on top; it was the kick of the day!

“Bon Appetite” my dear gourmet friends!

© 2018 Wessel Woortman

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