Korerima seed

Aframomum corrorima is a species in the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

The spice, known as Ethiopian cardamom, false cardamom, or korarima is obtained from the plant's seeds (usually dried), and is extensively used in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.

It’s a cousin of the black cardamom but are both not related to the green cardamom.

It has a strong and sharp floral aroma, with a strong camphor presence, with hints of cloves, pepper, and nutmeg.

This spice is also an important ingredient of the “berbere” spice blend.

The plant is native to Tanzania, western Ethiopia (in the vicinity of Lake Tana and Gelemso), south-western Sudan, and western Uganda.

Korerima is used in very many ways in the Ethiopian cuisine and many Ethiopian recipes state the use of cardamom; this refers to korerima and not the green cardamom.

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