Nöra Hojilla

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Nöra is its "real" name, although this spice is better known as niora, the Catalan term, because it is a paprika very used in Catalan cuisine.

It is a small pepper native to Central America that does not sting at all. It is sometimes called "pepper-flower". Nöra was already cultivated and used by the Aztecs. Indeed, we have found writings attributed to the tribe of Mexicas dated 1350 that refer to it. It was the conquistadores who discovered it and brought it back to Spain, where it began to grow, especially in the regions of Alicante and Murcia. This is, with the smoked paprika "pimenton", the flagship spice of Spanish cuisine. Otherwise, there are not really any extraordinary historical facts about this delicious spice!

It is a crushed "pepper" used in Spanish specialities. The nöra hojilla has a particular taste, slightly chocolate and smoked. It is a spice that is close to paprika. You will use it in your tomato sauces, eggs, fish, white meats, vegetables.

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