Naga Viper BBQ Sauce

This BBQ sauce is HOT! And when i say hot, i mean HOT, so you beter think twice before you decide to make this sauce!

This chili was a record holder in 2010 as the hottest pepper in the world (1 359 000 on the Scoville scale).

The Naga Viper is a hybrid pepper created in the UK by an English chili farmer, Gerald Fowler of the Chili Pepper Company, by crossing two of the world's strongest peppers, the Naga Jolokia and the Trinidad hybrid.


12 dried naga viper chilies, 500gr pineapple with juice, ½ cup muscovado sugar, ¼ cup rice vinegar, 5cm ginger root, 1 shallot, 2 garlic cloves, ½ cup tomato paste (concentrated), ½ tbsp thyme, ½ tbsp marjoram, ½ tbsp basil, ½ tbsp oregano, 1 tbsp sweet paprika, 3 tbsp olive oil, A few drops of liquid smoke, salt at your convenience.

Further necessary stuff: A keg of cold beer and diapers!

Watch the video for further cooking instructions.

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