Ruta Berries (Rue)

It is a berry that grows on Ruta chalepensis (Chalep Rue), a tropical plant grown in Africa, specifically in Ethiopia.The common names are fringed rue, Aleppo rue, and Egyptian rue.

Ruta chalepensis is a very important herb for Ethiopians who use it as both a medicinal and a medicinal plant.

They use the whole plant; in all the souks of the country we find at the same time its leaves, its branches, its flowers, its roots and also its dried fruits.

It is one of the spices used daily by families in Ethiopia with korerima seed, malaguette, timiz, cardamom and ginger.

It is also an important component for the Ethiopian “berbere” spice blend, very popular in Africa.

The smell and flavor of the berries are so reminiscent of passion fruit that they have been called passion berries.

Captivating and complex, its scent and taste both have exotic notes of velvety citrus reminiscent of yuzu, but closer to the fruits of passion.

I cannot mention all the uses made of these berries by Ethiopians, but beyond the spice, condiment and the medicine, the fruit and the plant are used to keep dogs, cats and animals away. It is also a good insect repellent. As the fruits are not very well known, the plant has been known for a long time, even in Europe where it was used for its medicinal properties.

In the salty cuisine, use it to flavor your fish and all seafood, shrimp, prawns and more. The freshness and powerful flavor of passion berries blend perfectly with game.

Add at the end of cooking on deer, boar or doe.

Otherwise, use it on poultry and red meats.

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