The Omelette “La Mere Poulard” Story.

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

The famous omelette from “Mont Saint Michel”.

Annette Boutiaut was born in Nevers (Burgundy), in 1851. She became a maid of Mrs. Corroyer the wife of the architect of historical monuments who came to the Mont to restore the old abbey. One fine day in 1873, Annette becomes Mrs. Poulard, the day of her marriage with Victor Poulard, the son of the baker of the Mont.

They decide to open a hotel in one of the small winding streets (La Grande-Rue) of the city “Mont saint Michel”!

Annette has the idea of making them a creamy and fluffy omelette. Tourists love and want more.

This made the fame of the couple’s hotel: the delicious omelette, the warm welcome of the Poulard’s attracts more and more people. In 1906, our couple of hoteliers went on a well-deserved retirement. Victor died in 1924; Annette followed him 7 years later.

Today the restaurant is still an important destination for food lovers!

Excerpt from the biographical book of Mother Poulard: "Can you believe," said the hostess of Saint Michel Tete d'Or, "can you think that I would have lost all these whites? No. I took the eggs and beat them as they were. As for the crème fraiche; pure invention! What is true is that we always had the best butter in the country and always very fresh.

"That's my entire secret. We did what everyone else did. Besides, we could see each other; we did not hide. I had quite often (oh! every day in the summer) twenty to thirty curious around me. And it was sometimes not very convenient. But since it amused them! ... »

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