Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Thymus is a genus of plants (commonly called thyme or wild thyme) of the Lamiaceae family. This genus contains more than 300 species.

They are creeping or cushioning plants with small pale pink or white flowers.

These plants are rich in essential oils and as such are part of the aromatic plants.

The Egyptians and Etruscans used thyme mixed with ointments to embalm their dead.

The Greeks burned it before the altar of their gods, the public squares and the rich houses, thinking that this plant was a source of courage.

They also used thyme in their dishes

The Romans, spreading it in Europe, made many kinds of cosmetics using thyme and used it to purify their living rooms and also to give the perfume to the cheeses and liqueurs.

Thyme is used as an herb in cooking and as a medicinal plant, in herbal teas or even in sweets. In herbal tea, it is used to treat respiratory infections.

A thyme tea is also effective for draining the liver.

Thyme is an herb of Provence, that is to say a condiment plant very used especially in Provençal and rural cuisine. With bay leaf, parsley, rosemary, oregano, it is part of the bouquet garni which raises many meat recipes in sauce.

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