Timut (Timur) Berry

Timut, Timur or sill-Timur berries (Lindera Neesiana) are rare fake peppercorns.

Timur (Timut) grows wild at altitudes of between 1,500m and 2,000m in many parts of the Himalayas and the Indian Eastern Ghats. It is the berry of the Zanthoxylum armatum. They are found on the markets of Kathmandu, and harvested by farmers in the Nepalese mountains.

The Timur berry develops an unusual perfume, lemony, vegetal and woody that transports you to distant and mysterious flavors. She is part of the Szechuan pepper family, one of her many cousins.

The berries are smaller and more well-founded, it has the same slightly anaesthetic properties, and its notes are more exotic.

Timut pepper or Timur berry is one of the important spices of Tibetan and Bhutan cuisine. A Tibetan speciality is momo, a vegetable ravioli made from yak or beef, The berry of Timur goes very well with sweet or salty. Enhancing the scallops, fish and shellfish, they can also be infused into the cooking juices and the most daring will associate it with chocolate.

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