Watercress Seed (Hab Rechad)

Watercress is part of the cruciferous family. There are different edible varieties of watercress, but one of the most used species is the watercress (Lepidium sativum).

The watercress seed has a rather peppery taste and a slightly strong flavor. It is one of the best vegetable remedies, quite similar to garlic and cabbage for many of its virtues.

The Indians attribute to them several medicinal properties, including diuretic, ant diarrhoeal, tonic and aphrodisiac effects.

The belief is that they are also effective in fighting hiccups. Some parts of the grain, including endosperm and bran, contain protein and essential fatty acids, mainly in the form of omega-3s.

Watercress contains a high percentage of iron, folic acid, calcium, protein, fatty acids, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, and beta-carotene.

The watercress seeds are aromatic and refreshing.

They can be eaten raw, in salads, sandwiches, to season food and can be mixed and roasted with salt before being eaten plain.

Also a small handful of seeds will flavor your soups and soups and flavor your homemade breads with a sweet flavor.

Apart from its smell and taste, the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of watercress on our health are very numerous: peel some of them ... Watercress is considered an effective treatment against constipation, intestinal problems, abdominal colic and haemorrhoids. Eating seeds of watercress has a positive and effective impact on the digestive process and allows the expulsion of intestinal gas. They contain anti-inflammatory properties and treat certain disorders of the stomach. They are used for the treatment of cramps.

Its therapeutic properties help to relax the stomach and intestinal muscles, which plays a vital role in the treatment of colic, chronic diarrhoea or bowel disorders.

On the other hand, in 2004 a scientific study published in the journal "American College of Nutrition" demonstrated that the regular and daily consumption of watercress with the capacity to maintain a good cardiovascular health and that because of its high concentration of vitamin C.

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